Extra virgin

Olive oils with the lowest acidity are generally considered the best; characterized by perfect flavor, aroma and color. terragusto extra virgin is made from the hand picked finest fresh olives extracted solely by cold press. The healthy and natural content of the fruit is preserved in the oil, olive's juice, and protected from sunlight inside the dark glass bottle.

terragusto extra virgin is medium – light fruity. With its golden yellow color, it has full flavour, a unique characteristics of premium olive oil. Its aroma is harmonic and delicate, with elegant vegetal notes of artichoke and wild thristle, enriched by spicyhints of mintand basil.

With many health benefits and high nutritional content, terragusto olive oil is the best choice for your salads and dressings. It tastes great on your cooked vegetables or brushed onto fish or meat before serving.

available in glass bottles (250 ml - 500 ml - 750 ml) and tins (3 lt - 5 lt).


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